Stamp Duty on Transfers

In Malaysia, all transfers of property attract stamp duty regardless whether the acquirer gives consideration for the transfer or not.  Usually, acquirers of property pay money for the acquisition. But sometimes the acquisition may be way of gift.
VALUE OF PROPERTY                            RATE OF STAMP
Up to RM 100,000                                1%
From RM 100,001 to RM 500,000            2%
From RM 500,001 onwards                     3%
However, a 50% reduction of stamp duty will be given if the following conditions have been met :-
    * Residential Property less than RM250,000
    * SPA or instrument of transfer signed between 8 Sep 2007 to 21 Dec 2010
    * First property bought by one person (one person can claim once in his life time only)
    * You need to sign a Statutory Declaration provided by the Stamp Duty Department
Stamp Duty on Charges (loan)
A charge on property is an instrument created by statue, namely the NLC.  It affords the Chargee a security for loan granted to the Chargor over the property charged. Stamp duty is calculated at the rate of about 0.5% of the loan amount.